Fairytale Piano Academy is home to the European Diamond Method, a unique curriculum that gradually builds students’ understanding of music theory in a way that enables them not only to read and perform progressively more challenging pieces of music, but also to create their own improvisations and compositions at the piano.


Gazmend (Gazee) Mullahi  – Grand Maestro



Gazee was born on the 18th of August, 1951 in Tirana, Albania. Since he was a little boy everyone noticed his natural talent and fondness for music. He enrolled in music school where he learned both Piano and Bass at the “Jordan Misja” Artistic Lyceum. During this period, he followed intensive musical studies focusing in particular on the composition technique, which he pursued further at the Arts Academy (Highest Institute of Arts) in Albania and Eastern Europe. At the Academy, Gazmend wrote and executed a series of musical pieces which were interpreted by the National Symphonic Orchestra on many occasions. He graduated in 1975 as a “Composer” with high merits and a large portfolio of musical pieces or different genres of music.

After graduation he was appointed as Chief of Cultural Activities in the city of Librazhd where he organized, produced and delivered many cultural activities. He enjoyed inspiring and mentoring children and young adults to take music lessons and watch them become artists.

In 1980 he was offered a position by the Albanian National Television. He became a creative director and was in charge of the music production department where throughout the years he recorded many up and coming artists. During this time he was surrounded with the most renowned artists in the country. Many of them were composers, conductors, instrumentalists. All together they collaborated and made it possible for an environment that inspired great musical pieces. Gazmend composed and produced many songs which he just recently put into an Album that he released to the public. Because of all his work for the community and his city through the years he was also honored with the title of 100 most musically influential people of the century. Another grand highlight of his career was to be honored with the Title of Grand Maestro from the President of the Republic on August, 2011.

In addition to his success in Albania, Gazee has accomplished many collaborations abroad such as Italy, Austria, Greece, and the United States where he served for some time as an adjunct professor and lectured on the regarding management techniques in creation and interpretation within the music industry.

Apart from his career highlights, Gazee has composed various classical pieces such as “Sonatina for Piano”, “Suita for Piano”, Variations, Tocatta, Miniatura and so on for mainly piano but often for other instruments. Further, he has produced ballades for vocalists, soloists and choir, without letting behind vocal romance which have been performed in different repertoires starting from opera singers, drama music, children movies, folk, dance choreography and others.

Apart from direct involvement in music, Gazee has always reflected his views in various published books or live artistic forums.

Gazee has recently relocated to Rancho Bernardo, California to be close to his children Besjana and Elson. He wants to spend his time inspiring young artists develop their skills and love for music. He is very exited to get to know you and embark together on this wonderful journey.


Besjana (Ana) Husted


The piano was my first love. I have been playing the piano every day since I was five, and after all these years I do not regret one minute I have ever spent at the keyboard. I spent the first 17 years of my life in Tirana, Albania. My father was my first teacher. He taught me with patience and through his example. I loved watching and listening to him as he spent countless hours composing the next concerto, ballet or producing various albums at our recording studio at home. I grew up amongst artists and I believe that taking music lessons has helped me throughout my life in many aspects such as developing better studying habits in school. It helped pay my way through college by teaching children how to play the piano and above all music just makes me happy, all the time.

I enjoy watching our students progress and it makes me so excited to watch their confidence grow as they prepare to play in public events. I myself remember how nervous I was before going on stage but those experiences have helped me so much with building my confidence in standing before a crowd.

I will be helping our Maestro Gazee with the lessons. I will be substituting for him and assist him in all the music theory classes

Feel free to stop by our studio and meet us in person.


Elson Mullahi – coming soon