Making Time for Piano Practice

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As parents of piano students, we all want our kids to be learning and enjoying the piano, but finding the time to practice every day can be a huge challenge! Fairytale Piano Academy has six suggestions for how to make time for music:

  • Set a Time. Having a set practice time every day, and sticking to it, will really increase the chances that music practice will happen. Talk together and choose a time that works well both for you and your child, write it down somewhere where you and your child see it and remember, and be consistent until it becomes a habit. Pretty soon that certain time of day will just feel like time to practice the piano.
  • Put Music Practice First. When helping your child choose a time of day to practice the piano, don’t put it at the end of a long list of other tasks and activities. Practicing right after school works better than saving it for just before bed, or just before running out the door in the morning. Putting music practice first ensures that it will happen, even if other things come up later in the day.
  • Don’t Skip It. We all start off with good intentions of sticking to a routine, but what happens if as soon as things get busy, or we get a little tired, and we decide to put off music practice until tomorrow? Of course emergencies may come up, and there may be sick days or other reasons to miss music practice, but would you let your child skip brushing their teeth because they just didn’t feel like it? If you really want music practice to happen every day, put it in the same category as homework, chores, and brushing teeth. Make it part of your child’s daily routine.
  • Prioritize. If finding time to practice the piano is a real problem, maybe your child needs to reduce time spent on other activities. We’d all like to have time to do everything we enjoy, but part of life is choosing what’s most important. Maybe some television or video game time needs to be redirected. Also, be careful that you’re not over-scheduling your child. Make sure there is room for music practice, and that it isn’t going to become a source of frustration because it keeps being shoved aside for other things.
  • Encourage Random Acts of Music. Besides the regular, daily practice time, encourage your child to sit down at the piano for a few minutes here and there and play for the fun of it. Ask to hear the song they’re working on, or one of their favorites from earlier lessons.
  • Celebrate Success. When your child practices, be sure and let them know what a great thing they are doing! It might not seem like one day’s practice is a big deal, but every single day is the foundation for continued, consistent practice. You might want to track your child’s daily music practice with a Practice Chart ( Ask us for a free Practice Chart), and agree on a reward for them to earn if they stick to their practice routine.

Contact Fairytale Piano Academy with any questions. We would love to give you more tips on making practice time effective and fun.

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